Entrepreneurial empowerment: 2020’s stellar line-up

It’s not unusual to feel inspired by the experiences of fellow entrepreneurs and business owners at Elite Business Live 2020, but meeting and conversing with them is a whole different ballgame. Which is why we open up the floor to discuss new ways to solve business problems, explore different marketing strategies and share expert knowledge on how to grow your business. We also face entrepreneurial challenges head on with our five leading interactive workshops, covering:

Wealth & cash flow
Find investment that works with your vision for growth 

Accounting & Finance
Take control of your accounts and refocus on what matters to you

Sales & Marketing
Open new opportunities and increase sales with the right marketing strategy

Talent & People
Learn how to find the right people to grow your business – and keep them.

Technology & Innovation 
From AI to team working software, invest in technology that delivers real results 

Growth & Exporting
Are you ready to show the world what you’re made of after Brexit?