Lara Morgan

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Headline speaker

Lara Morgan
Company Shortcuts Ltd

Best known for growing Pacific Direct, from start-up to successful exit, Lara now invests her time in fast growth companies and represents UKTI as an Export Ambassador, having previously exported to 110 countries. Her vast experience and business knowledge includes specialisms in licensing luxury brands, manufacturing toiletries and selling to the hospitality environment through complex global distribution chains. She's also an expert in employing 500 employees in an open fast growth sales culture.

Lara summarizes herself as someone who, specialises in sales growth acceleration for entrepreneurs with ambition and business leadership development for CEO's.

She speaks from experience and is known to be firm, fair, direct and fun to work with. Lara particularly enjoys transformational opportunities and building outstanding results and does not do mediocrity. Sometimes considered slightly unconventional but she definitely does what she says she will do and always with the aim to exceed expectations to get exceptional results.

Seminar Title: Selling your business - a personal journey of exit.