In a nutshell

This event is designed to create a peer-to-peer community, where entrepreneurial minds can meet and share their experiences, talk through their challenges, and be motivated to take the next step to drive success. Over two days, you’ll hear from entrepreneurs who have asked the same questions that you’re asking now and have gone on to develop their own innovative answers. With a mix of influential and inspiring speakers, practical breakout seminars and roundtable sessions, you’ll not only hear stories that relate to your business, but find a platform to truly address those issues hands-on. 

With a number of free-to-attend seminar sessions hosted by heads of industry and business leaders, you will feel motivated to take your business a step further, learn how to bring exciting ideas to life or perhaps fall back in love with your business. These are designed to inspire entrepreneurs and share the problems we all face in business. 

Peer-to-peer networking and interactive Q&As are also an intrinsic part of Elite Business Live 2020, where you can identify pain points in your business, meet people just like yourself and develop strong professional relationships.